Did you know that Instagram now has over 110 million users in the US alone? This makes Instagram a fantastic place to promote your company and the products you sell, whether you offer clothing, makeup, jewelry or home accessories.

Instagram launched its Shopping functionality in 2018, giving businesses an extra way to monetise their accounts and encourage followers to buy from their websites, in some cases reaching upto 50% more sales.

The best thing of all? Instagram Shopping is utterly free to set up and use!

Interested in Instagram Shopping? Find out how to set it up on your account as well as some of our top tips to encourage your followers to spend their money with you.

What is Instagram Shopping?

With Instagram Shopping, you can tag the products you sell in your Instagram posts. Users click on your products, view pricing and then can click on a link to your website to make a purchase.

Followers can also access all of your products by clicking the ‘view shop’ button on your Instagram profile, bookmarking products that they like for later.

Once you have set up your account (see below to find out how), you just tag your products in your photos and stories. It’s that simple!

How to set up Instagram Shopping

Our top seven tips for making the most of your Instagram Shopping account

One hundred and thirty million accounts on Instagram tap on a shopping post every month. This means that if you set up an Instagram Shopping account, you will have a lot of competition!

With this in mind, here are our top seven tips for making your account stand out and encouraging your followers to buy.

  1. Style your posts to perfection

You want eye-catching photos that people will stop on when they are scrolling through their Instagram feed, so take time to style your shopping photos. Think about the lighting and background you will use on each post, as well as how you will showcase each product you want to sell.

Decide on an overall theme for the photos you post, so all your shopping posts are cohesive and share a similar aesthetic.

  1. Showcase all of your products

Did you know that you can tag up to five products per post? This is an excellent way of presenting the different color variations of a product or even showcasing an entire outfit!

Remember to space out your tags so they are not crowded, otherwise your followers will find the tags hard to read on their phones.

  1. Make the most of carousel posts

Carousel posts allow you to use up to ten photos in one single post. These type of posts are great for engagement and encourage your followers to stay on your profile for longer.

And that’s not all! You can promote up to an incredible 20 products on a single carousel post, making them perfect for promoting an entire makeup or clothing range.

  1. Promote your products in stories

You can also use Instagram Stories to show off your wares. Instagram Stories have a lot of advantages over standard photo posts. They allow you to promote your products more casually and naturally, give you opportunities to engage with your followers and are promoted at the top of your follower’s newsfeeds.

  1. Use hashtags to amplify your content

Hashtags allow Instagram users who are not following you to see your content, increasing the odds of making a sale. You could even find yourself in people’s explore pages!

Choose your hashtags carefully to appeal to the Instagram users that you want to find your content. You can use up to thirty hashtags per post but nine hashtags have been proven as the optimal amount.

  1. Share content from your followers

User-generated content (UGC for short) is a fantastic way to promote your products in action. Your followers love to see authentic testimonials from people similar to them; four out of five people say UGC influences their decision to buy.

Keep an eye out for photos you are tagged in as well as hashtags that mention you. You can then share the pictures on your feed and tag your products in them.

There is etiquette to follow when sharing UGC. Remember to always request permission before posting a photo on your feed and always tag the creator of the content.

  1. Check your stats to see what works

Instagram Business accounts come with statistics so you can not only see the key demographics of the people who follow you but also how many times your posts were viewed. You can use this data to fine-tune your account over time.

One great thing you can do to see which of your products are selling well is set up campaign tracking links when you create your product catalogue. You can then access Google Analytics not only to see how much traffic you are getting from your Instagram Shopping Account and how much traffic is resulting in sales, but which products you sell are the most popular.

Although it takes a little bit of work to set up an Instagram Shopping account and time to create beautiful content, the efforts are well worth it when you start seeing shopping orders come through your website!

And don't forget, you can check out our Social Media marketing Services here, and we can help you set-up Instagram shopping feature and drive traffic to it.

or email me at fede@kfprsocial.com

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