Social media can be an amazing way to connect with like-minded people and share positive affirmations and support.

If you want to fill your Instagram feed with positivity and good thoughts, here are our top 20 Instagram we recommend to follow.

1. @byseanearl

Sean Earl’s Instagram is simple but beautiful. He posts hand-written mantras that remind you that it is okay to feel sad and that if your heart hurts, it will take time to heal.

2. @thelatestkate

The Latest Kate channels her anxiety and depression into adorable animal cartoons, reminding her followers that they are not alone and that it is okay not to be okay. 

There are also books available to buy if you want affirmations to read when you are not on social media.

3. @buddyproject

The Buddy Project is a non-profit organization that pairs people as buddies across the world, to raise awareness for mental health as well as prevent suicide and self-harm.

The Project primarily focuses on children, teenagers and young adults, introducing empathy and compassion at an early age in order to reduce the stigma of bullying and negativity on social media.

4. @introvertdoodles

Self-professed introvert Marzi shares her battles with anxiety and being around other people, in a bright and colorful way that many of her followers can relate to. 

A great thing about her page is that she suggests ways that introverted people can get involved in protesting and advocacy to help make the world a better place.

5. @running_in_triangles

Vanessa and Jess’s Instagram is dedicated to postpartum depression, a condition that affects 15% of new mothers.

Vanessa experienced postpartum depression after the birth of her child, and the two sisters work together to help moms across the world to identify the symptoms, to seek help and to help look after each other.

6. @gemmacorrell

Gemma Correll is well-known for her colorful pug illustrations, but she also regularly posts about her struggles with anxiety and battles with imposter syndrome. 

7. @girlsnightinclub

Girl’s Night In promotes self-care for mental health and has grown into a community for those who love to stay at home and enjoy a little alone time. As well as home décor tips, book reviews and DIY projects, the account shares self-care tips and positive affirmations.

8. @marcelailustra

Marcela Sabia is a Brazilian illustrator who not only focuses on mental health but also feminism and body positivity. She posts in English as well as Portuguese.

As well as her gorgeous illustrations, she is open and honest about her own battle with depression and openly shares her story with her followers, encouraging them to love the skin that they are in.

9. @stacieswift

Stacie Swift believes in positive affirmations and self-care. Her Instagram feed is full of posts encouraging followers to not only believe in themselves but to be kind to others. After all, you do not know the struggles they may be facing.

10. @stillbloomingme

Elena is living with PTSD after the Boston Marathon bombing and shares her story with her community of followers to show that if you have PTSD after a traumatic event, you are not alone.

11. @journey_to_wellness_

Journey to Wellness is not only a great illustrator but is also a counsellor, providing guidance and support on what to do if you are feeling anxious, worried or self-doubtful.

12. @kate_speer

If you love photos of cute dogs, Kate Speer’s Instagram account is a great follow. Not only does she post candidly about her experiences of mental health and depression, but she shares the stories of her service dog Waffle.

13. @sadgirlsclub

Sad Girls Club offers advice and support to POC, growing a community for its followers as well as providing vital resources to help support people through their mental health journeys.

14. @life_without_anxiety

Beth Brawley is a counsellor who specializes in treating anxiety and OCD. Her Instagram account is simple but colorful, posting encouraging daily affirmations on post-it notes for all of her followers to see.

15. @bethdrawsthings

Beth Evans draws minimalist comics detailing her own struggles with mental health, as well as how it’s okay to feel sad or to be having a hard time.

16. @misscalathea

Sarah struggles with depression and anxiety but found that caring for plants as a hobby gave her something therapeutic to focus her energy on. She shares vivid photos of her plants and flowers with her followers, alongside stories of her day-to-day life.

17. @makedaisychains

Hannah Daisy is a UK-based mental health advocate who promotes ‘boring self-care’ on her Instagram feed – the small acts that you can carry out every day even if you are struggling, like brushing your teeth or getting out of bed. 

Hannah is also an advocate for LGBT+ rights. LGBT+ people are more susceptible to mental health issues, including depression and substance abuse.

18. @findmywellbeing

My Wellbeing’s Instagram account takes the stigma out of therapy for mental health, sharing informative stories and guides to its followers, as well as hints and tips from a variety of different therapists. It also offers a matchmaking service, helping people find the right therapist for their requirements.

19. @andysmanclubuk

Suicide one of the leading causes of death amongst young men, and Andy’s Man Club was set up by Luke Ambler in the memory of his brother-in-law who took his own life.

Andy’s Man Club encourages men to talk about their mental health. It also promotes the #itsokaytotalk hashtag, where men can share selfies of themselves making the ‘okay’ sign in order to encourage conversation.

20. @brokenlightcollective

The Broken Light Collective was created to empower people affected by mental health through the power of photography, and provide a safe and accepting environment to showcase their work.

 Not only can you view all the stunning photos on their Instagram feed, but you can also submit your own artwork too.

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