Livestreaming is the current most popular medium for delivering your new marketing objectives. In fact, livestreams are the fastest growing type of marketing media currently online. It’s especially important now, in the age of the internet – when all we have is a few seconds to emotionally engage our audiences before competitors swoop in.

That means when well-received influencers and interest-piquing live streams come together – it’s a winning formula for converting your marketing into sales.

Shopping, shaking hands and social media will never be the same, at least not for a long time. With brands navigating the convoluted COVID climate, leveraging live streaming formats is key to forging connections with consumers – and influencers are a sure-fire way to connect your audience in a memorable and meaningful way.

Breaking through the noise

To be able to showcase your brand and reach the right audience, there are 3 key points you can't miss.

1. Work with highly targeted influencers with a proven sales track record.

2. Use a topic that blends with your brand, and brings together your audience, your brand and the influencer's own audience.

3. Last but not least is timing. Find the perfect time slot that will make the most impact to your brand.

We’ve outlined the best methods for influencer livestreaming that your brand should try:

Live Interviews

The key to live interviews is advertising them well in advance, this manufactures a buzz around the event, and hosting an interview with a big name in your industry will raise awareness about your brand to draw more viewers to your social media platforms. Any live interview will be enhanced by questions from viewers in the comments section of the live broadcast – that means increasing your interactions, engagement and ultimately boosting your conversions.

Ask Me Anything:

AMAs are different to an interview with pre-written questions - they rely solely on the audience asking questions. So whichever influencer you choose to work with, you can rest assured their audience will be tuned in for the session. It’s a great way to incorporate sponsored content, too, promoting your products and services during an exciting online event.


A takeover is when your chosen influencer temporarily logs into your social media platform and entertains both your established audience and their own existing audience. They can show people the ever-popular “morning/night-time routine” or any part of the day that the audience can resonate with.


Even the most mundane activity can be a marvel to those seeing it for the first time. When you give viewers a tour of your office or introduce your employees, it appears as exciting as reality TV. When you pair this type of livestream event with an influencer, it can expand your exposure and give your average day the appeal of something spectacular.

And what’s more?

Influencer livestreaming content is stackable.

Using influencer livestreaming will help your business create a unique connection with a wider audience. Not only this, but your business will make great strides in reaching new markets.

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