You have space on your Instagram bio for one clickable link, but there is one critical problem with this. There are several pages on your website that you may want to showcase to your profile visitors!

Don’t worry though as there is a solution to this particular problem. You can use Linktree to link to multiple pages, ensuring that all the content that you want to promote is available to everyone.

What is Linktree? We’re so glad that you asked! 

Join us as we take a look at the pros and cons of Linktree, what our thoughts about it are, and the available alternatives.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a free link-in profile tool that creates a single mobile-friendly landing page for your brand. You can configure this page to feature several different web links. 

This means that from one web link, you can showcase a number of different links to different parts of your website, whether that is your latest blog post or your newest product range.

It’s easy to sign up to Linktree, and you can sign up using your Instagram account for extra simplicity.

Once you have done this, you will have a link to your Linktree page that you can add to your Instagram profile.

Over five million social media accounts use Linktree, making it one of the most popular sites of its kind.

The pros of Linktree

So we’ve taken a look at Linktree, but what are the advantages of using it?

It’s free! The key benefit of Linktree is that it is completely free to use. Linktree does brand your landing page, but in the form of a discrete logo at the bottom of the page.

It provides stats: You can get limited stats on the free profile. You can see how many people have accessed your page and how many times visitors have clicked on your individual page links.

It provides limited customization: The customization within Linktree is very basic (more on that later), but you can add an image to represent your business and choose a couple of color schemes to best match your brand.

You can add unlimited links: You can add as many links as you like to your Linktree profile, meaning that you promote a wide range of pages on your website and blog. 

Our recommendation though is to limit the number of links you showcase. People have short attention spans and will not have the time or patience to scroll through several hundred links!

You can use the link on other social media profiles: Your Linktree profile link is not limited to Instagram so you can use it wherever you like. For example, you can use it on your Pinterest profile or your email signature.

Help charities straight from your profile: With the press of a button, you can add a banner to your Linktree profile, encouraging people to support causes like Black lives Matter and the Australian Bushfires.

The cons of Linktree

What are the issues with using Linkedtree?

You have to pay for additional features: Although the limited version of Linktree is free, you have to pay $6 a month for the pro version. The pro version includes some additional functionality including the ability to remove the Linktree branding, additional stats, scheduled links and some extra customization. Speaking of which…

Customization is limited: In the free version, you can only upload a logo and choose from nine basic color schemes. In the pro version you can choose from some additional color schemes and choose your font, but customization is still relatively simple compared to other apps. 

There are other link-in profile sites out there where you can add videos and photos, but this is sadly not an option on Linktree.

It’s an external site: There was an incident in 2018 when all Linktree links were temporarily marked as spam in Instagram. Instagram fixed the issue quickly and it has not happened again, but the problem with external sites is that you are entirely at their mercy.

If functionality changes or prices increase, you have to put up with these changes or find a new product.

Alternatives to Linktree

So, there are pros and cons to using Linktree. If you have decided that Linktree is not right for you, what are the other options?

There are other similar link-in profile tools available like Bio FM, Tap Bio and Tailwind Smart Bio. All of these tools offer free and premium options, as well as additional functionality. For example, in Tailwind you can append images to your links, which you can’t in Linktree.

Another option is that you can create your own Instagram landing page on your website. This may sound complicated, but isn’t as hard to do as you think! 

All you need to do is create a unique URL and then design your page. You can use CSS to create large clickable buttons or if you use WordPress, you can utilize plugins like Elementor page builder to create a page. If you’re not sure how to do this, ask your website developer to take a look.

The benefit of this is that you have full control over the look and feel of the page and as you are driving traffic straight to your website, you will see more benefits too!

Summary – is Linktree worth it?

Linktree seems to seriously divide opinion online. Some people praise it for its simplicity and because it is free to use. Other people do not like that you can’t customize it to fit your brand design and that it is a third-party site.

If you are looking for a free and easy way to showcase your best pages on Instagram, Linktree could definitely be worth a try. You can set up a landing page in minutes, add it to your Instagram profile and see if it works for you. 

If it does, great! If not, there are several different options out there, including creating your very own landing page contained within your website.