How ambitious brands, partner with famous names, and drive huge impact

As directors, brand owners and marketers we hear so many tactics designed to drive growth – make our lives easy – and reach vast audiences. The truth is, every one of those tactics is 10x more effective alongside a tailored celebrity partnership.

If we're the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Then what does that mean for your brand and your marketing?   Who is your brand hanging out with?

Aligning brands like yours with top celebrity talent is how we make more from your budget, drive long term value with your marketing, and get instant access to their huge audiences.

Steve Aoki X Netease
Olivia Munn X Samsung
Alessandra Ambrosia x WEI
Jason Mamoa x DJI
Miles Teller x Mulia Bali
Ruby Rose x Melissa
Mathew McConaughey x Built NY
Aaron Paul x Bang & Olufsen
Kim Kardashian x Reebok

Let's make your brand famous.

Big names, biggest impact

We’ve booked over 3000 celebrities for events, campaigns and performances. Access our entire network of talent and management.

Book VIPs with ease

Leave the heavy lifting to us. We control any negotiations for you and ensure that performances and campaigns are flawlessly executed.

Smash hit marketing

Leverage your celebrity influence. Secure imagery for advertising, social media or PR and bring your brand in front of new and exciting audiences.

Celebrities we've worked with

We’ve booked thousands of celebrities to tell powerful stories, stage unique events and reach exciting audiences, including:

Matthew McConaughey
Scarlett Johansson
Jamie Foxx
Sofia Vegara
Steve Aoki
Katy Perry
Ozzy Osbourne
The Chainsmokers

Joe Jonas
LCD Soundsystem
50 Cent
Miles Teller
Aaron Paul
Kim Kardashian
Rosario Dawson
Gigi Hadid

How your campaign finds fame

KFPR Social is a full service talent agency with years of experience designing unique and fully integrated services:

Endorsement & Brand Ambassador
Product Launch Partnerships
Social Media Campaigns

Product Placement
Event appearances
Concert performances

Let's talk!


Influencer Marketing

Celebrity Endorsement

Social Media Management


It's not what you know, it's who you know... and you know us now.
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