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Welcome to KFPR Social – where celebrity booking and influencer marketing thrive, in the heart of Los Angeles. Since our launch in 2003 under the guidance of Kari Feinstein, we've embraced the art of amplifying brand messages through powerful partnerships with celebrities and influencers.

With a rich tapestry of collaborations involving over 2000 esteemed personalities, KFPR Social excels in forging connections between brands and their audiences. Our services include celebrity partnerships that go beyond the norm, tailored talent booking, impactful influencer campaigns, notable red carpet placements, and strategic product seeding. Together, let's shape brand narratives that go beyond the ordinary, crafting stories that truly connect and foster lasting audience relationships.Join us in cultivating impactful relationships that captivate and endure, making a lasting mark on the world of marketing.

Our core services include celebrity partnerships, talent booking, influencer marketing, red carpet product placement, consulting and more.


Kari Feinstein

A Los Angeles native, Kari Feinstein, a respected industry leader, established her PR and marketing agency in 2003, specializing in celebrity product placement and influencer marketing. Her journey began at the talent agency CAA, where she gained invaluable insights and honed her skills. With a remarkable career, Kari has shared her expertise on national television shows like CNN, KTLA, Good Morning America, E! News, and Entertainment Tonight. She's a trusted source for insights in print and online news, and her influence extends to renowned publications such as the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Forbes, and Variety. Kari Feinstein's innovative approach and extensive recognition in the field continue to shape PR and marketing, underlining her commitment and making a lasting impact.

Federico Jaime

Federico Jaime is a marketing expert and software engineer. With a strong passion for innovation and a strategic mindset, he has carved a unique way to deliver, scale and automatize KFPR Social services to large corporations that require cutting-edge technology applied to marketing campaign at a large scale.


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