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We create dynamic partnerships delivering targeted growth, sales & brand awareness

Streamline Your Influencer Marketing

We execute customized campaigns using a proven process for brands looking target specific niches & gain massive market reach.

Find the Right Influencers

We are experts at brand + influencer matchmaking to help you achieve your marketing and revenue goals.

A Fast & Efficient

We offer an end-to-end solution including outreach, contract negotiation, content approval & campaign execution.

Track & Measure Perfomance

Gain key insights on your KPIs with advanced analytics and comprehensive reporting.

Our Influencer Marketing Services

Launch a Custom Campaign

Perfect for brands looking to:

Launch a new product

Our custom influencer campaigns are great to introduce your product to new markets and build momentum to drive sales both online & offline.

Target Holiday & Events

Target key purchasing dates like Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother's Day and other relevant occasions that matter the most for your brand.

Expand to new niches and demographics

If your goal has a specific audience in mind, our custom campaigns are great to dive into new demographics with a clever message.

Select & Approve influencers without the hassle

Our team handles everything, from influencer outreach and campaign planning, to content licensing and performance tracking, giving you full control so you can achieve your marketing goals easier.

Our Instagram & Tiktok campaigns include:
Targeted Audience Reach
High-quality & original content
Full control on influencer approval
Full campaign management
Content review and approval
Campaign Tracking
Influencer contract execution
Influencer Payouts
Product logistics
Detailed analytics and insights
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Monthly Influencer Marketing

Perfect for brands looking to:

Grow monthly sales and online channels

If you are looking to ramp up your brand's revenue and expand your digital footprint overtime, working strategically & consistently with influencers is the best way to achieve fast results at scale.

Work with multiple influencers on a monthly basis

We help brands bring in influencer and continue collaborations with top performers on a monthly basis to build momentum and traction along consumers.

Support a strategic marketing plan

Our agency will craft an influencer marketing plan to amplify your marketing efforts at any level.

Set influencer marketing on autopilot

Our services are the perfect solution for brands looking to fully outsource their influencer marketing efforts while maintaining full control on influencer selection, budget, reach and campaigns specifics.

Our Instagram & TikTok services include:
Targeted Audience Reach
High-quality & original content
Full control on influencer approval
Full campaign management
Campaign Tracking
Influencer contract execution
Product logistics
Detailed analytics and insights
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Influencer Marketing

Our Work

Browse through our collection of successful projects.


Leveraging the power of social media influencers, the campaign effectively promoted one of the most trendiest water bottle of all time: The 40 OZ Quencher. The key to success was to collaborate with influencers from diverse backgrounds and interests, ensuring a broad reach including fitness enthusiasts, health gurus, bartenders, celebrities, and environmental activists. Each influencer shared their unique experiences with the 40 Oz water bottle, demonstrating its functionality and versatility in their daily routines, delivering sales traction both online and offline.


In a remarkable collaboration, ANGARA forged an unforgettable bond with the entertainment world through celebrity affiliation. This star-studded affair artfully showcased the brand's exquisite collection, setting a new standard for elegance and opulence in the jewelry industry. Drawing on the allure and influence of A-list celebrities, the campaign featured a curated selection of renowned personalities, ranging from Hollywood icons to music sensations, fashion moguls, and social media influencers. Each celebrity adorned themselves with the brand's finest jewelry pieces, effortlessly showcasing the brand's craftsmanship and unique designs.These visually stunning assets were widely disseminated across print, digital media, billboards, and social platforms, reaching millions worldwide.


We worked with SPANX on several influencer campaigns for their Holiday season and the Coachella Music Festival. Each campaign had a different goal of showcasing new products to a specific audience.


We worked with Casio to introduce their new keyboards for two different audiences


We generated consumer awareness and drove sales of a new style at key retailers, Kohl’s and Macy’s, by connecting the Maidenform brand to on-trend fashion influencers and increase the brand’s following on Instagram.

South Beach Diet

The main goal of the campaign was to drive sales for South Beach Diet by booking celebrities to become brand ambassadors and post about South Beach Diet on their social media pages.
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